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Car tracking-Monitor the speed and avoid the risk

Car tracking-Monitor the speed and avoid the risk

    With every passing year, car related deaths are increasing profusely, and the most common reason for fatal car accidents are overspeeding and mobile (cell phone) usage. While logistics companies can't control what drivers are doing outside theiroffice, but fleet owners and individual car owner can use GPS vehicle tracking devices to reduce car related deaths. The device can be put to good use and can be personalised to meet the specific requirements of the user.

    Monitor the speed and mitigate the risk.
    Overspeeding being the main reason, and can be significantly controlled with the GPS tracking devices. And it is simple to do so and can be done in a fraction of seconds. And once it is done, as soon as the car drivers cross the designated speed an alert will be sent to the fleet manager via text message or email. Further, it will make the drivers more aware of their driving and they will drive slower and safer. The tracking device also eliminates the need for a cell phone, one of the main reasons of distraction, while driving the vehicle.

    Tracking device a hand free method of communication.
    GPS tracking devices can be used as a hands-free means of communication in more than one way. And this is imperative because trying to operate google maps, trying to make phone calls and texting can all lead to distraction while trying to keep an eye on the road. Tracking devices with two-way communication allow management or dispatchers to communicate with the drivers without even picking up their cell phones. There are several other ways by which the tracking devices can allow the drivers to keep both their hands on the wheel.

    Protection to the vehicle.
    GPS devices can be personalised for geofence alerts; this is a great use apart from fuel monitoring. The alert can be used to keep track of the car during out of hours. The device sends an alert if your car moves when it is supposed to be stationary.  Further, the device can also be used to define the perimeter within which a car can be driven, and if it crosses the set perimeter, an alert can be sent to the fleet manager.

    Maintain your car to avert the accidents.
    Accidents can largely be avoided if the vehicle is in proper condition or their servicerequiremenst are addressed at the time. GPS trackers are of great use in monitoring the maintenance requirements of a vehicle. It provides alerts for the scheduled servicing to the management or individual user so that maintenance can be undertaken at the correct time.

    Time-saving devices.
    In most cases, it is found that the reason for over speeding is to save a few minutes off the journey. With the use of GPS tracking devices, better time management can be achieved. The device is capable of showing you the shortest possible route for your journey. Further, it also provides you with the information about traffic congestion and road works. If these scenarios are averted, a great amount of time can be saved, and the chances of overspeeding can be eliminated.

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