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Geofence – A feature that allows you to set the periphery for vehicles

Geofence – A feature that allows you to set the periphery for vehicles

For most people seeing vehicles moving on a live map is all about GPS vehicle tracking. No doubt live map locations are the primary function of a GPS device, but the built-in features can let you have in-depth experience of the device. And one such unique feature offered by GPS tracking devices is Geofences, it allows management to be informed of entrance and exit of a vehicle from a set perimeter. It also allows you to know if the vehicle is impounded,  and when your vehicle has entered or left the garage or customers place of business. It makes the vehicles more productive and easy to locate when necessary.

Keep drivers organised and elevate yourbusiness
With internet connectivity, GPS devices have allowed fleet managers to utilise the fantastic geofence element for smooth navigation during the day and night. They can set geofences for their drivers, during the day this will help keep the drivers organised on their route. It will ultimately eliminate the job site travelling time for the drivers and elevate customer services automatically. Both will contribute to increased business and reduced costs along with higher customer satisfaction.

Testimony or proof of presence
There are situations when you are asked to produce testimony or proof that your vehicle has not crossed the specified limit or area. Geofence alert comes as a bonus, if the vehicle is used out of work hours you will receive an alert. It becomes indispensable to know where the vehicles are moving when you have been informed that vehicles are not in use or are stationary. In all such cases, geofence alertsare of great value, as it pings whenever there occurs an unauthorised movement of the vehicles. The feature is so sound that it is a great asset also for stolen recovery vehicles.

Avoid route deviation to save time and money
Further, it is equally important for fleet managers to see whether the vehicle has reached their exact destination and on time. With the use of the geofence feature the managers set the perimeter to avoid the deviation of the vehicle from the correct route as if it doesn’t follow the correct route and takes longer journeys this leads to vehicle wear and tear, and increased maintenance costs. It also will improve the vehicle mileage and fuel efficiency. And when vehiclesstick to their assigned route, the deliveries are prompt, that in turn will increase the customer satisfaction and your business will start to grow as it will be seen to be reliable and professional.
If you are operating in or from a strange shaped area, then you can further customise the geofence feature to create a circle, square or any other shape perimeter. GPS tracking has raised the bar for fleet management services which in turn will allow you to spend more time growing your business.

Peace of mind is above everything else in this world, and when you are sure that you will receive an alert if your vehicle crosses your specified limit you are automatically be relieved of all your vehicle-related worries.

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