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GPS technology prevails in the automotive safety industry

Our Blog

    Increasingly, the automotive industry integrates GPS-assisted navigation technology as standard equipment in vehicles, targeting the safety and comfort of its occupants. In the case of vehicles that do not have it incorporated, they can be installed in companies specialized in the field or directly; they can use their Smartphones to plan their trips.

    - What uses can it give to the drivers of today?
    "The use of GPS is very varied, this has both civilian and military purposes, but its use has currently had an increase in the field of security, management in the monitoring of private and commercial vehicles, and mainly in assistance to driving, giving drivers defined efficient and safer routes."

    -    Are there different types of GPS?
    "The principle of operation of GPS tracker is practically the same; the difference is that some deliver more or less data and services, such as use in support within the field of construction, sport, and tracking people and vehicles and the massive use of cell phones ."

    -    What are other technologies associated with GPS?
    "There are different applications related to the operation of a GPS, one of which we can recommend to drivers, is about the tracking and security of a vehicle. It consists of a device installed strategically in a vehicle, monitored from a computer or a cell phone through a plan or bag of data. This data will indicate to the user or driver the geographic position reference for the search of a vehicle; this alternative is very useful at the time of suffering the theft of a vehicle. This is an affordable and cost-effective option."

    -    Do GPS systems track in Historical and Real-Time?
    Some GPS tracking software solution not only gives you real-time information but also allows you to view a comprehensive history of all tracking sessions recorded over time. This lets you accurately develop trends, track long-term driver performance and more.
    Full Portfolio of Reports. These GPS platforms have an information framework that allows access to a large amount of data to optimize operations and the collection of critical information, including driver safety, vehicle utilization and much more.
    Geo-fences without Limits. Specialized fencing allows you to define objects to an established geographic region. Alerts can be sent when entering and leaving the fenced area, as well as in the case of delay of a vehicle or asset. An unlimited number of geofences can be assigned.

    Data Security. Designed and built with rugged security features, our GPS platform enables your fleet/vehicle / asset data to remain secure at all times.

    Multi Language Support. Complete location features open the doors for you to locate mobile assets anywhere in the world. Each user can track in their language.

    GPS tracking systems for vehicles are widely used due to its effectiveness and low cost. Today, they are equally used to control both personal and official vehicles. At the heart of both solutions is monitoring the location of signals of satellite navigation systems and GPS tracking software, for which purpose vehicle established by a unique device - the GPS-trackers. However, since the use of private car owners is very different from the problems of enterprises, GPS for car tracking system can be divided into private and corporate.

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