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GPS vehicle tracking devices explained

GPS vehicle tracking devices explained

So one question that is often asked is what is a vehicle tracking device and how does it work. This document clearly outlines and defines what a GPS tracking device does and includes an example of how it works and connects to software.

A GPS vehicle tracking device is a compact unit about the size of a matchbox dependent on the supplier. It has a multitude of electronics that allows the device to communicate to the software which is what is used to view the information on a computer or mobile device.

This information can be anything from latitude and longitude to reports on where and when the vehicle has arrived and left a location. The device has two communication methods contained in the unit. Firstly it has a GPS chip this is used to communicate receiving information from a multitude of satellites that are high up above the earth. There location is referred to the tropopause the layer just above the earth’s atmosphere.

Next you have the sim card which is almost the same as a mobile phone. This is what is used to send the data gathered by the device to the software using phone signals.

Each device is programmed with a server IP number and this is where the data from the GPS chip is sent. So for example let’s imagine the GPS tracking device is in a poor signal area. Well the data stored in the device will still send old data and information once it acquires the GPRS or phone signal so no data is lost.

Some units are also equipped with a back up battery so in the event of a battery disconnect when usually a device is connected to the GPS vehicle tracker will still connect.

There are usually no external antennas so finding a GPS tracking device is very difficult as there are a thousand places an engineer can install is without being seen.

Some units are also equipped with anti jamming capabilities so this is also not an option for the would be thief.

Fleet companies can also install the latest devices that can report on driver behaviour and this is done by the device measuring the vehicle G force using an accelerometer.

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